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Presentation of the book: Guide ESVI-AL – Universidad de Alcalá

The presentation of the book titled METHODOLOGICAL GUIDE FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ACCESIBLE VIRTUAL CURRICULAR DEVELOPMENT was held the past June 7, 2013, on the Law Faculty of the University of Alcalá (UAH). It is written by a total of 51 authors of 10 countries, in which there are 20 professors of the UAH.

The presentation was chaired by the Head of the UAH, Mr. Fernando Galván, along with Mrs. Isabel Cano, responsible for the Unit of Integration and Coordination of Inability Policies of the UAH, and Mr. José Ramón Hilera, coordinator of the guidebook.

A methodology or working model is established in the book for the fulfillment of requisites and standards of accessibility in the context of virtual education, especially through the Web. The proposed model will facilitate the elaboration of audits that allow the diagnostic of the accomplishment of accessibility standards, and the improvement of the maturity capacity in respect of the accessibility of education institutions and, in general, of any virtual education supplier.

This guidebook has been conceived as a support document for all the people involved in accessible virtual educational projects, mainly for the teachers, but also for the management, administration and technical personnel of the institutions that want to implement virtual inclusive educational activities, in which students with or without disability can partake in uniformity of conditions.

It is about offering a consultation guide that can be useful for the ones involved, either way, in the development of accessible virtual educational programs: teachers, managers, directors, e-learning platforms administrators, content authors, among others.

The guide has been created as a part of ESVI-AL Project, financed by the European Commission through the ALFA III program, whose objective is to improve the accessibility of virtual education in Latin America.

What the reader will find in this book is a proposal of the procedures that should be implemented in a higher education institution, but also in any virtual education organization or company that is committed with a high-quality inclusive education. The activities and tasks that should be carried out in all of the defined processes are detailed in the guide, as well as the products, techniques, methods, quality approaches and participants profiles that should be taken into account in each phase of a virtual educational project that will be held in a virtual accessible campus, that is to say usable and practicable for all people.

To assure inclusive educational systems in all levels must be a compromise among all the people involved in education. The participants in ESVI-AL project understand it that way and hope and wish that this modest contribution of the project in the form of a methodological guidebook contributes to progressing closer to the objective that is obtaining an inclusive education.

This guide has become a reality thanks to the close collaboration in its organization between the partners and collaborators of the project of ESVI-AL program. The book can be downloaded for free in different formats in the following link: Go to ESVI-AL guide webpage.

We invite you to participate in ESVI-AL activities:

  • Take part in our educational workshops:
  • Pedagogical innovation in high-quality accessible virtual education.
  • Creation of accessible digital educational material and evaluation technologies of Web accessibility and accessible Web design.
  • Installation and maintenance of an accessible virtual campus.
  • Find out about the technical reports developed in the project.
  • Share our curricular programs that aim to improve the labor market integration of people with disabilities.
  • Join our Cooperation Network and Accessibility Observatory in Virtual Education and Society.

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