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  1. Exposición en el pleno de la importancia de considerar la accesibilidad web en normativas en Guatemala

    Presentation of ESVI-AL to OPD and congress members in Guatemala

    On Monday, January 3, 2013, ESVI-AL project participated in the workshop titled “The integrity of the community with disability”, an event organized by the Health Commission and Public Assistance of the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala. More than 70 people assisted to the workshop, there were representatives of different Organizations of People with Disability […]

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  2. Mesa principal del evento de presentación de Guía ESVI-AL

    Presentation of the book: Guide ESVI-AL – Universidad de Alcalá

    The presentation of the book titled METHODOLOGICAL GUIDE FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ACCESIBLE VIRTUAL CURRICULAR DEVELOPMENT was held the past June 7, 2013, on the Law Faculty of the University of Alcalá (UAH). It is written by a total of 51 authors of 10 countries, in which there are 20 professors of the UAH. The […]

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